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We work with your team on an outsourced, interim, fractional, or project basis - giving you the ability to scale your sales efforts while preserving capital and without the hiring risk. 

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Leverage our experience at every stage of growth.

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Engage our leadership only when you need it.

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Access our leadership at a fraction of the cost.

"We Need an Alternative to Hiring a Full-time Sales Leader."

Sales Team Development

Help your sales teams thrive!

Using our TAPS© methodology, we will help you hire and retain the right sales professionals. We will give them the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to reach an accelerated state where they can consistently win and grow revenue.

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"We Want Our
Sales People to Be
More Effective."

Sales Process Adoption

Drive adoption of best-practices throughout your sales organization.

We will implement and train your team on our Opportunity Wisdom© sales process without unnecessary classroom training and complexity to maximize their time in the field and not in the classroom. 

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"We Need an Affordable, Easy to Adopt
Sales Process."

Sales Messaging

It's not just what you say, but also how you say it. 

We will help you develop strong, benefit-centric value messaging that resonates with your audience, improves prospecting, drives greater engagement, and leads to higher win rates.  

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"Our Salespeople
Need Better
Messaging Tools."

Who We Help


Why Us


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We've Been Where You Are

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We Bring What You Need

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We Understand Growth

It's about making good investments.

We know how important it is to entrepreneurs and small business owners to get real value from the companies you engage, while also preserving your valuable capital.

It's about value and timeliness.

We bring a breadth of experience and the ability to provide and create the real-world tools your team needs to get to productivity quickly and cost effectively.

It's about now AND the future.

In companies that range in size from early-stage startups to the Fortune 500, we've worked with high-performance teams at all stages of revenue growth.

Rock the Win© Initiative

Music has the power to move us in business and in life.


Check out our Spotify playlists designed to inspire and encourage a winning attitude.

Join the Rock the Win© group on LinkedIn to share the music that inspires your best performance.

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Rock the Win

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