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We are committed to bringing real value to our clients by helping them reach new levels of success, while preserving their valuable capital.

I founded the Rarer Leader Group to use my decades-long work experience to help entrepreneurs and CEOs achieve the following objectives:

  1. Grow revenue: By establishing best-in-class sales teams that follow proven, best-practice sales processes aimed at the right target audiences and with the right go-to-market tools and strategies.

  2. Preserve Capital: By employing a flexible sales leadership model that, by design, preserves capital and leverages the benefit of an outsourced partner who can deliver at-the-ready sales leadership capabilities and enablement tools. 

  3. Minimize risk: With a service model that lets our clients flexibly consume our sales leadership services while avoiding costly sales leader hiring mistakes.

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I measure our success together in three simple ways:

  1. We meet your objectives: With our help, our clients grow their businesses and establish consistently effective sales teams.

  2. We earn your trust: Our clients engage us on subsequent projects and provide references as satisfied clients. 

  3. We operate a healthy business: We continue to deliver great client work because we are financially viable. 



"Mike is one of the best managers I have worked for in my career. Mike's skills lie in creativity, motivation and contagious positive energy."
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