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In companies that range in size from early-stage startups to the Fortune 500, we've worked with high-performance teams at all stages of revenue growth. Here are some examples: 

growth chart.png
  1. Supply Chain Software Startup: Sales leadership from pre-revenue to revenue and customer adoption.

  2. B2B Software Startup: Company launch, brand creation and platform partner agreement negotiation.

  3. Supply Chain Software Startup: Sales team realignment, 40% growth and successful exit. Acquired by a larger private software company.

  4. Software Development Company: Sales leadership to 166% revenue growth. Acquired by Bain Capital. 

  5. Enterprise Software Company: Area sales leadership, new business unit development that led to #1 business unit recognition and hyper growth. Acquired by Peoplesoft (now Oracle).

  6. Cloud Software Company: Global indirect sales channel partner recruitment, management, development and enablement. Acquired by SAP.

  7. Cloud Software Company: Sales leadership through post-acquisition integration and creation of cross-sell messaging rollout.

  8. B2B Software Company: Sales leadership of an acquired company through post-acquisition integration.

  9. B2B Technology Company: Sales leadership through transformation from transactional to strategic selling and underperformance to growth. Company was acquired by IBM.

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