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More than a Traditional Sales Leader

Leadership experience in every revenue-generating department.

"We Need Leaders with Real-World Experience in All Areas of Revenue Growth."


I've led teams in all areas of revenue including direct sales, channels and alliances, pre-sales, marketing, customer relationship management, and consulting.


Because I started my career as a software developer before moving into consulting team leadership and ultimately sales and marketing leadership roles, my background offers a broader, more integrated perspective that goes beyond traditional sales leadership.

I bring the following benefits to my teams:

  1. A strong background in sales, marketing, and business development leadership roles, with demonstrated success in revenue growth.

  2. A software development and client services background.

  3. Experience in managing cross-functional teams and driving alignment across multiple departments.

  4. Strategic thinking abilities, as shown through accomplishments in previous roles where I developed and implemented successful revenue strategies.

  5. Proven adaptability, with experience in different industries, business models, and market conditions.

  6. A track record of servant leadership, mentoring and coaching. 

  7. Strong communication skills as a published author and accomplished public speaker.

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