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Align Your Message to VALUE

Understanding Primary Motivation and the 3Rs

In our private lives and in business, aligning our actions to the things that really matter is a key to realizing positive outcomes. I call those things that really matter our primary motivations.

In business, those primary motivations – the things that matter to decision markers – are easy to remember. There are three common motivations that drive every business goal that is worthy of executive endorsement and funding:

R1: Grow (R)evenue

R2: (R)educe Cost

R3: Minimize (R)isk

Have you ever been in a sales cycle where the project lost funding before a selection decision? That’s because the owners of that project failed to build a business case that aligned to one or more of the 3Rs. Projects that align to these three things don’t get cancelled.

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew your offering solved a problem for your customer or client, but couldn’t get traction to tell your story? Chances are your messaging wasn’t getting through because it didn’t draw a clear linkage to the achievement of one or more of the 3Rs.

Did you ever get selected, but ended up realizing a smaller sale than you expected? Your business case to solve the business problem probably didn't articulate a strong enough 3R story.

If you want to improve prospecting, increase your win rates, gain greater executive engagement, and realize bigger deals – develop sales and marketing messaging that communicates how your products or services specifically address the three R’s for your customers and clients.

Happy Selling!


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