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Embrace Your Superpowers | Episode One, Courage

We should ask for what we really want. That sounds simple, but sometimes we make it complicated.

In my book Whiteboard Wisdom, I introduce seven success superpowers, including the superpower courage, and I introduce THE NO WAY as a metaphor for the emotional journey we take when we push forward, despite our fear of rejection and failure. People who reach more of their goals in life think about rejection differently. They confidently take THE NO WAY as a path that might lead to successful outcomes.

Sales professionals are usually masters at taking THE NO WAY. We accept “no” as a natural response in our profession. We often ask for things from our customers and clients. Sometimes the things we want are out of alignment with how our customers want to engage, and we get a negative response. But sometimes those requests open a dialogue that helps us learn. Those requests can help us gain a new perspective on how to align our product or service to our customers’ needs.

Hearing no yields the same outcome we are settling for when we don’t have the courage to ask for what we want. Even us sales pros can fall into this trap of accepting no as an alternative to asking for something. We sometimes tell ourselves we can’t ask for what we need for reasons that turn out to be false assumptions. We negotiate with ourselves in lieu of asking for what we really want.

So what do you need right now to advance your sales cycles? What thing are you holding back from asking for because of fear or assumptions? Why not just ask, and validate those assumptions? The worst that will likely happen is you will hear no. You might learn something new that helps you course correct on your way to yes.

Embrace your courage superpower. Ask for what you really want.

Happy Selling!


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