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Whiteboard Wisdom

Simple Tools to Activate Your 7 Success Superpowers

Reach More Goals & Greater Fulfillment

Mike's Book - Whiteboard Wisdom

For Individuals

With a keep it simple principle in mind, this book introduces tools designed to help you unlock the potential in seven success principles — superpowers you can use to achieve more of your important things. The tools outlined in this book will help you understand why you reach or miss your goals and why you thrive in some situations and relationships but fail in others. These tools are so simple you can practice most of them with a pen and a single piece of paper. You can write them on the back of a napkin or on a whiteboard. 

If you can articulate your current situation with a dry-erase pen, you can explain it to anyone and perhaps understand it better yourself.

For Sales Professionals & Sales Leaders

​Learn about the power in Primary Motivations and how those motivations impact buyer decisions and C-level priorities. Embrace simple, but powerful tools like the TAPS Grid for assessing performance and the Fulfillment Triangle for evaluating situations that are likely to result in success versus failure - tools you can put to immediate use in team development, relationship development and sales strategies. Find useful and creative reminders about the importance of asking for help and embracing setbacks. These ideas, and other concepts outlined in the book, will help you be better leaders, colleagues, partners and and sales professionals. 

For Leaders, Managers and HR Professionals

Gain a better understanding of the role Primary Motivation plays in helping your team members succeed and thrive at work. Learn about the TAPS Grid as a framework for assessing team member performance and candidate fit so you can make better decisions about how to invest in your colleagues. Reduce unnecessary attrition by employing the Fulfillment Triangle as a simple way to assess and improve employee commitment and fulfillment. These are just a few of the concepts outlined in the book that will help you lead more effectively, motivate a high-performance team, and retain top talent. 

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Mike Rarer is an accomplished, engaging speaker with a gift for drawing in audiences with his storytelling skills. His presentations are creative and constructed to drive audience enthusiasm.

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