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Activate Your Story Telling Superpowers

It's Not Just What We Say, but Also How We Say It 

Strong, value-based messaging that resonates with our audience and great looking collateral and messaging assets are game-changers that improve prospecting, drive greater engagement, and lead to higher win rates. 


How you tell your story is as important as what your story is. ​​

Here are three ways we drive messaging results:

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Value Proposition & Business Case Development

We will help your sales and marketing colleagues create and refine your customer-facing messaging so it goes beyond telling capabilities stories to messaging that aligns your offerings to compelling value - messaging that speaks directly to C-level decision-maker benefits and objectives that drive funded projects.​​

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Sales Collateral Development

From the sales team's introductory email, to their presentation slides, to their formal customer proposals, every piece of collateral your teams uses to engage your clients and customers makes an impression. Your collateral is an extension of our brand and it tells a story. Mike can help make it a great one. 

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Whiteboard Value Story Development & Training

Telling your value stories from the whiteboard is a powerful and engaging way to capture audience engagement, to develop credibility and to encourage conversational collaboration. With the global workforce going remote or hybrid, there are fewer opportunities to get in front of our audience using a physical whiteboard. But, video conferencing technologies offer storytelling features and we can give your teams digital tools to replicate in-the-room dynamics virtually. We will help your teams create great whiteboard stories that differentiate you from your competitors and the tools and training your sales professionals need to deliver those stories.

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