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Drive adoption of best-practices throughout your sales organization.

"We Need an Affordable, Easy to Adopt Sales Process."

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The best sales process is the one we can get everyone to follow. That is why I developed the Opportunity Wisdom© sales methodology to help sales teams realize the benefits of consistent sales strategy capabilities without cumbersome forms and extensive classroom training. 

My Opportunity Wisdom© approach is different than other methodologies with critical emphasis coaching that includes my 3Rs of Value(c) messaging capture and my Fulfillment Triangle(c) assessment to measure selection team engagement. These are the elements that go beyond traditional sales process models and lead sales teams to winning strategies.​​

Opportunity Wisdom© for Salesforce​​

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Opportunity Wisdom© for Google Sheets​​

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Quick to Deploy​​

Opportunity Wisdom© was created for sales leadership professionals based on years of experiencing, a deep understanding of what works and the belief that sales teams need to be in the field and not in the classroom to drive adoption of best practice sales cadence, strategy and process techniques.

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Easy to Use​​

Opportunity Wisdom© was built to capture information easily and with only essential data entry requirements by sales professionals to drive the important sales strategy and team collaboration conversations needed to win. 

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Improves Engagement

The Opportunity Wisdom© methodology encourages sales teams to focus on the often overlooked sales process dynamics that make the difference between winning and losing. My unique 3R Value Proposition   approach helps sales teams align their messaging and strategy to real value and C-level objectives. My unique Fulfillment Triangle© approach to assessing buyer engagement encourages sales professionals to better understand individual selection team member relationships and to build executive bridging dynamics that lead to customer buy-in.  

A consistent sales methodology and process is important for several reasons:

  1. Improves efficiency: Having a consistent process in place streamlines sales activities and reduces time spent on unproductive tasks.

  2. Increases predictability: A consistent sales methodology helps to standardize the sales process and increase the predictability of outcomes.

  3. Enhances collaboration: Consistent processes and methodologies allow sales teams to work together more effectively and reduces confusion and misunderstandings.

  4. Improves decision making: By following a structured process, sales professionals can make more informed and strategic decisions about how to approach prospects and close deals.

  5. Supports continuous improvement: Consistent sales processes provide a basis for ongoing evaluation and improvement of sales performance.

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